Thursday, October 16, 2008

the wise oak

On a day when you just don't feel quite centered within yourself, when things are just a little bit off, it's best to go for a walk.  

There is a trail which circles our back field and runs along the bush on the property.  I think it's the old tractor trail for the farm, and a way to enter the different fields without trampling whatever crops are growing there.  We try and cut the grass on it a few times in the summer and keep the brush from growing on it.  It isn't perfect, but we enjoy it, and so do the deer.
This is the best time of year to follow our little trail, because of the fall colours, of course, but more importantly: absence of mosquitoes!   It's best to take a trusty dog along with you.

It soon lets out into the first back side field, which is not to be confused with the second back side field.  I call them that because my creativity knows no bounds.  The first back side field looks pretty nice today, no?

We can't linger too long, though, since there is a purpose to this walk.  We are here to see the 'wise oak'.  In order to do that, we have to go into the bush itself.  In the summer and spring it's not that hospitable, because of the bugs and all the undergrowth and brambles, but today?  It's great.

There's stillness here.  And peace.  And squirrels.

A seasonal stream runs through this part.

And here, with its gnarled roots overhanging the stream, is the wise oak.  I call it that because, like I said before, my creativity knows no bounds.  This is one of the biggest trees close to the house.  It's huge and very old.  I am always drawn to this tree when I'm here.

You can get an idea of its size compared to my (fairly large) german shepherd.

This is a tree to linger over.  You have to step back, see all of its limbs, approach it from different angles, marvel at its height, examine the trunk, admire its leaves......

Touch its velvet moss-covered roots.  Sit awhile.  Think.

When you feel replenished (and it doesn't take that long, this is the wise oak, after all), you can follow a deer trail back to the  main trail.

Deer prints.

We can head back to the house now.  

"Hey, why didn't you take ME along, I'm totally trusty too!"


Firefly Hill said...

Just beautiful!


LadyFi said...

Oh - that brought such a smile to my face. It was lovely and uplifting!