Sunday, October 5, 2008

call of the wild

 Image by Hollingsworth, John and Karen/USFW

All summer long we were serenaded by a pack of wild coyotes moving through the bush at night.  We could hear their yelps and yips as they ran, the pups occasionally howling in their high-pitched tones.  This was all well and good as long as they kept moving, but lately, one (or two) of the coyotes seems to be visiting the farm at night and , well, disturbing the peace. This particular creature is persistent and seems intent on YIPPING endlessly at around 3:00 a.m. almost every morning.  He (I'm sure it's a he) MOCKS our two guard dogs, and they seem to be somewhat worried, only occasionally barking in that tone which suggests they would appreciate some reinforcements, and are we coming out to help them , already.

The coyotes seem so much more predatory when the weather turns cold, and lately they seem to be getting too close for comfort.  At least we have the two dogs to warn them away from the horses.  I'm all for living in harmony with nature and all that, but  it's getting to be a bit much in the hairy predator department.  Hey, couldn't you coyotes just harass the neighbours for a few nights, we need our sleep ..... I hear they have chickens (!)


Firefly Hill said...

We have coyotes here too...I heard them quite a bit this summer. Three times we have seen them in the daytime-once in our backyard viciously killing a groundhog. They are scary to me...we lost a cat to them when we lived in California. I really hope they would not mess with the horses...but if they are hungry enough and there are enough of them I would not put it past them. I am all for living in harmony with nature too but I wish they would move on!


LadyFi said...

Hope they move off and find some food somewhere else!