Thursday, October 30, 2008

happy haunting

Ghosts and goblins will be roaming the streets tonight, but not around our place.  We have never been visited by any trick-or-treaters, our lane is a bit long and dark, and that is fine by me.  My husband will be taking the kids out to the neighbouring town to gather loot.  I will be sitting at home with my feet up, enjoying a glass of wine (it's as it should be, really).

I didn't think that my daughter would go out this year (she is fifteen after all), but she seems to be the one who is the most excited.  She even sent me out to purchase twenty-six yards of tulle for her ghostly costume (assembled in a free-form, no-sew manner by yours truly).  She makes a very effective ghost, don't you think?

Have a great Halloween, and remember, chocolate is good for you!


Firefly Hill said...

Oh I like that costume! We have never had a trick or treater here either, and have to go down into town to go house to house. Being home with a glass of wine sounds better....

ladyfi said...

Great pic! And yes, I love chocolate and know that it's good! Enjoy!