Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's quite blustery out, and so I won't be venturing out with my camera, trying to capture whatever last fall foliage is still stubbornly clinging to the wind-whipped branches.  In the summer, we take every opportunity to be outside.  When the weather grows colder, our attention turns indoors (and oh, Mama, the dust!!!!!).  We appreciate things we haven't noticed in a while.  Like these sweet little dust catchers, er... I mean tea cups.

I have a collection of these 'Occupied Japan' cups and saucers (imported from Japan between 1945-1952, I looked it up).  My favourites are the ones that have a luster finish, and have little feet.

They look like they might just walk away (albeit very slowly, kind of like a corgi with its short legs!).

They are very pretty in a 'funky granny' kind of way, and not too hard to find (and also not very expensive).

Many of the cups have unusually shaped and scalloped edges.  They're fanciful, is all I'm trying to say, and people always enjoy using them .  But not this one, it's my favourite and no one else is allowed to use it (just kidding).

Perhaps I've inspired you to start your own collection of these.  Or not.  Perhaps a collection of these is only the first step towards becoming a crazy cat lady who collects cups and saucers and various other tchotchkes.....


Bekah said...

haha i just started laughing out loud at the corgi it!

LadyFi said...

Yes - they do look a bit like corgis... I just love the fact that they have FEET (the teacups, I mean!)... You know what, I'd really like some of those myself... Help - I can feel another quirk coming on!

viera said...

Very interesting designs!

Firefly Hill said...

Those are beautiful! I have never seen a teacup with feet before!