Monday, October 27, 2008

House of the Living Dead

On a hot and humid August day this past summer, a stranger knocked on our door.  The man was scouting properties for a movie to be filmed sometime in the near future.  He left his card and asked us to call him.  When I came home later that day, the kids were full of chatter and excitement about our house being used for a movie.

"Really?....What movie?" I asked.

" won't like's for a zombie movie" said my husband.


Yes, that's right, folks, our property was scouted for a sequel to Night of The Living Dead (apparently a horror classic- I haven't seen it, nor do I plan on doing so).

And, o.k. the grass may have been a bit longer than usual (it was such a rainy summer), and some of the landscaping could have been a little tidier (we were busy, people!) but a horror flick?  What was it about our place that made someone think "yes, zombies!"....

It turns out that my helpful husband gave the man a tour of the property, and let him take pictures, all the while pointing out the features that would make this the perfect setting for zombie-ish goings-on.   

The forested area was declared a perfect place to film the part where the police chase the zombie children through a dark forest, shooting at them all the while.

No attic in which to keep the undead, flesh-eating children locked up?  No problem!  Helpful husband pointed out that we had the perfect spot above the garage (bats and dead flies thrown in for free)!

We haven't heard back from the property scout yet, and I hope we don't.  I'm assuming they found a more zombie-appropriate setting.  I'm trying not to take  too personally the fact that my house puts people in mind of a cult horror B-movie- really not an effect I was going for when making my decorating decisions.

I'm trying to look on the bright side, and how this experience has provided me with an interesting anecdote about the house.  It's funny, actually, Hah hah hah. Hah. Hm.

Would you allow a horror movie to be filmed at your house?


Bekah said...

Oh i definitely would! Simply to say...hey you know that zombi movie? that was HERE! not scared by movied like that..if I were...there is no way i would allow it!

ladyfi said...

LOL! Great post! Your place has got atmosphere... I don't think you need to read anything else into it.

Using our house as a film set? No... because you have to move out of your house for the duration.

Use my kids as scary, noisy monsters? Yes - please - go ahead! ;-)

Firefly Hill said...

Do you know that it snowed here last night? I bet your house is totally cool if they want it for a horror film. I would do it if they offered a bunch of money!

hayseed said...

ok., I might agree if they offer the big bucks!!! And snow? horrors!!!