Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a jaunt

The sky is heart-breakingly blue and on days like this the dust bunnies, dishes and laundry don't stand a chance.  There are some days when you just have to hit the road.  Oh, you don't have to go that far,  just to a place that gives you a sense of freedom, that reminds you of other places, perhaps.  

This is pretty, but today, with the air being so crisp, and the sky being so blue, I think we need a little more.  I think we need this:

This lake (Erie), while not perfect, is only twenty minutes away.  At this spot, there's a long pier with a lighthouse.  The beach is wide today, and only slightly weedy.  There's a rush of wind and water.  The light just sparkles.  You can feel lighthearted here, if only for a short while.  You are quickly faced with a conundrum.   Do you look down, and closely examine the sand and the rocks and any treasure you might spy.....

Or do you look at the long view, the greater perspective....oh look, I almost walked right by this umm...sculpture (?)

Just a few paces from the beach is an old cemetery and church.  Most of the stones are very old, and barely legible.  Many are tilted.

A stone commemorating the sinking of a steamer ship in 1850 (and the 25 people lost).  This lake is shallow, and fierce storms can whip up very quickly.

These old cemeteries are such peaceful places, but I can't help feeling like I'm trespassing a little.  I'll just tiptoe back to the beach.


ladyfi said...

Thanks for the trip! Wonderful photos!

Firefly Hill said...

Your photos are excellent! Looks like a beautiful day up there. I grew up on a lake in Michigan and could see Ontario, Canada from my house. I miss the lakes....thanks for sharing.


hayseed said...

thank you! Serenity? I strive, I strive!