Tuesday, October 14, 2008

after the turkey

Well, we had a very nice thanksgiving weekend.  The weather was wonderful, warm enough to do this:

We were able to get in a lot of relaxation.  Everything is so beautifully mellow  at this time of the year.

A little mellowness goes a long way, too, especially when you're on dessert duty, and you have to make three pies (two pumpkin, one pear and cranberry) and two dozen butter tarts.

I'd never made butter tarts before.  They turned out pretty well, but there are different variations of the recipe, and I think I can find a better one.  Did you know that butter tarts are a Canadian dessert?  Once I have done some heavy duty field research, I'll post the recipe in time for Christmas baking.  

Actually, consuming all that food, especially the sugar-laden desserts made some of us unable to sleep very well, since we were kind of wired and on a bit of a sugar high.  Others of us, however, remain mellow no matter what.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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Firefly Hill said...

Thanks for the glimpse of your house....it looks beautiful. What a view. I think I am repeating myself again...