Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm not cool (sigh).  HOWEVER.  Sometimes I do some pretty cool things, if I do say so myself. O.K.  one cool thing.  This is my dirt bike.  My husband bought it for me from a teenaged boy who was moving on to bigger and better dirt bikes.  The frame is a little bent, and it has a few rust spots, but it starts and runs really well.

It's actually a great way to get around the farm, and loads of fun too.  I didn't grow up riding these things, so I always need a bit of a tutorial to remind me how they work, if I haven't ridden in a while (gas, choke, one down, two up, brake, clutch....gotcha). 

Before you picture me tearing up the turf, with mud flying everywhere, popping wheelies and catching air....well, I must confess I rarely take it above third gear.  It's all you need, really, to take a leisurely spin.  Today, however, I'm upping the stakes and taking my camera with me.  This will require snapping shots with my LEFT hand, cause the right hand's on the gas  ( I know .  You're thinking Evil. Knievil).

That actually kind of worked!  Thank goodness for auto focus!  One of the best parts of this biking business is that when you get from point A to point B (fairly quickly), you can stop and look around you and take it all in.  It's very Zen, really, except for the loud roar of the engine.  

I don't mind that my feet are wet and cold from biking in the morning dew, my back's a little sore from all the bumps and jarring, and I almost ran over my dog.  I'm feeling kind of peaceful. I'm cool like that.


Firefly Hill said...

Wow a dirt bike! You are really cool! My son would be envious...

I would give it a try (very slowly) if we had one.

Wishing you a great weekend...


hayseed said...

going slowly is the key!

ladyfi said...

A dirt bike - how cool is that!! Looks like great fun!