Thursday, October 23, 2008

on being ridden

Shhhh.....we must be very quiet, Ed is here and today is the second time that my husband attempts to sit on Ollie's back! (Ollie is our little one- and- a- half year old gelding.  Ed is the lovely man who is training him-the horse, that is).  I am very nervous because I know nothing about training horses, but it seems to me that attempting to get on the back of a young horse is best left to experts or absolutely crazy people who are adrenaline junkies.  So I guess my hubby the farmboy fits the bill, and I don't mean in the horse expert department.  Let's tiptoe closer, and make sure the flash is off.... 

I hear some nervous laughter....  Ed is getting Ollie all tacked up and ready....

Hubby gradually puts weight on the saddle and gets on and off a few times.  It's o.k, we can come closer now, but we musn't startle the horse....

Mission accomplished!  Ollie the horse is very very slowly getting used to having someone on his back.  But it's only the beginning, and he's not too sure about this whole procedure!

We are so lucky to have Ed helping us- he's a bit of a horse whisperer, has been around them all his life.  His techniques are based on kindness and patience.  He was pretty disappointed that he would not be the first one riding Ollie, but he's getting on in years (I think he's 78 or so) so it's probably a wise decision, though I don't doubt that he would do it in a pinch- the man rides every day, and training just comes naturally to him.
I myself won't be riding Ollie for a while.  I think in about ten years or so, I'll give it a try.

There, don't you feel better now, with that Dude off your back?  Oh, and look, while you were learning about being sat on, your Mama went to the beauty parlour and had her hair done!

Isn't she purty?


Firefly Hill said...

Oh yes she is! It seems like Ollie took that very well. I have no experience in the "breaking to ride" area, but I agree that patience and kindness are so important!

Your hubby is brave!

ladyfi said...

She is gorgeous! Hope she starts enjoying having people sitting on her.

Heidi the Hick said...

OH waht fun!

I'm thinking he's mostly Belgian, eh? Big boy! I like him a lot! And your mare has such a kind eye and sweet face.

Sounds like Ed knows what he's doing. slow and steady is the best way to go. My little mare's first ride went like this: foot in stirrup, up, swing leg over, stroke her neck a few times, swing leg back over, and down. Foot out.

See now, this riding thing is EASY!

Of course, she's 7 now and not totally trained yet, but she's doing good for only seeing me on weekends.

You'll do fine. He seems to have a nice temperament, judging by those pics, and that is so important!

hayseed said...

Thanks Heidi! Yes, I think he's mostly Belgian, but not as tall as I thought he would be- he still has some growing to do, so we'll see. And you're right about his temperament- very sweet, even Ed has remarked on it-and has found him pretty easy to work with.

I think he gets it from his Mama- she's so placid and sweet in her own way. But she's still da big boss of the pasture (and of the world, in her own mind, I think!)

It's a very interesting process- watching this little horse learn to interact with humans- I will try to do some more posts about it- have a good weekend!