Sunday, September 14, 2008

a&m boatbuilders (one time only)

Haven't you always wanted an Aquarail?  But what is an Aquarail, you ask?  Why an Aquarail is a type of early model personal watercraft upon which today's Sea-doos are based (or so I'm told by hubby and older son).  You know when your kids are surfing the internet, and they see something 'cool', and they say "hey Dad, wouldn't it be cool to build this?"   Well, this time, Dad said yes, it would be cool.

"But you don't build things" I said

"Yes, I do" husband protested, "and anyway, I once built a boat"

"Really?  how long ago was that?"

"Oh, I don't know, twenty-five years or so ago"

"Did it float, I asked"

"Sort of"

"You're crazy"  I said, which I say often to him, and sometimes I mean it as a compliment.

Dusty carpentry skills were, well, dusted off, materials were procured, and the work commenced.  I was asked to document the whole process, and to my great amazement, progress was made

Soon a  boat-like structure began to appear

We were all astounded and amazed (including the boatbuilders, I think)

But all of this, I must tell you, was not without blood, sweat and tears

But you see, it was worth it.  Many lessons were learned, but most especially the lesson of being not only a dreamer, but a doer.

Who would have thunk it?  Not me, initially.  I stand corrected and humbled.  Looks like fun, eh?  Click on the video below to see it in action (circa 1963, this was state-of-the-art)

P.S.  show this to your kids at your own risk, you might be in for some boat-building


Firefly Hill said...

Wow great job! That could not have been easy to build...they must be very proud. It is beautiful!


hayseed said...

It did take quite a long time, and they were very proud,especially when the launch was successful!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

this is the coolest thing ever! How very great!

hayseed said...

thank you kindly, Maryam!

hayseed said...
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hayseed said...

thank you kindly, Maryam!

Heidi the Hick said...

Hah, dusty carpenter skills look pretty good from here! I absolutely cannot let my guys see this... they have so many projects already!

I have to tell you also that I love your pinto gelding. (Paint?) I had two pintos when I was a kid. One was cute and dumb and one scared the heck outta me. Good times, man, good times!

coffeypot said...

I have a 19' pontoon boat and the wave runners are like gnats out there. But they are just trying to jump my wake, and I will sometimes make sharp turns to create a bigger wave for them. Then I make a complete circle and run over the annoying bastards. But you guys did a good job with your building skills. Just watch out for pontoon boats.

hayseed said...

Heidi:I will pass on the compliments, and yes, the pinto is a cutie, full of personality

Coffeypot: I'd love to have a pontoon boat someday, but I don't think I'd be running people over (even though the urge might exist-I agree seadoos are annoying)

Paul van der Vegt said...

Hi, Do you have more pictures of the aquarail? im planning to build one myself and would be great to see any other pictures of the construction

Thanks in advance


dave said...

Thank you 1000 times. I’ve been wanting to build this boat but the only plans I could find are vague and incomplete. Your posting has given me the confidence to try it. If your husband has any tips or advice please have him e-mail me.