Monday, September 22, 2008

blogging about frogs

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but there will be NO frog picture posted.  I tried, I failed, I gave up.  Please accept, instead, the following photos:

A lovely fall vegetable and flower garden (not mine)

And a cat perched on top of a hay bale (also not mine).  

And I would have tried to get a lot closer to both, but there was the little matter of trespassing.  Thanks for your co-operation, and for some clarification of this mildly loopy business, please see the previous post.


coffeypot said...

My suggestion for the frogs is, once you find them fry up a mess of frog legs, but only take one from each frog. That way, they will only hop in circles and will be there when you want to take more pictures. Brilliant, right?

hayseed said...

Yes, coffeypot, that is truly brilliant. Thanks for making me Laugh Out Loud. Dark sense of humour: priceless.

Firefly Hill said...

Poor froggies....please dont cut off their legs! Haha...

Lovely photos....even from a distance ..we wouldnt want you to trespass!


hayseed said...

I wouldn't harm them, they are sweet!