Thursday, September 18, 2008


I recently joined my son's grade 5/6 class for a field trip to Agstravaganza.  This is an event run by local volunteers (farmers, veterinarians, etc...) and is intended to educate children about farming and agriculture.  Before your eyes glaze over, you need to know that this event is actually BIG FUN.  Free chocolate milk!  cool machinery!  loads of animals to pet!

Milk a cow!

Bottle-feed a brown-eyed calf!

See the piglets, for crying out loud!   (man can they squeal!)

See random examples of loveliness!

See the cattle, horses, and sheep.  Laugh at the goats' antics:

Then, after all of this excitement, and after watching a bale of hay being shot into the air thirty feet by a baler,  we headed to the poultry building.  And EACH of the twenty nine children got to hold a baby chick.  That's right, you heard me, BABY CHICKS.

Extensive negotiations ensued:  "can I keep it?"... "my parents won't mind"...."I'll just put it in my knapsack" ........ (and that was just me, you should have heard the kids carrying on).  Everyone reluctantly handed back their chicks, and took one last longing look.  

They were only 65 cents each (oh the temptation)

It is safe to say that a grand time was had by all.  Really, it doesn't get much better than this (don't you think?).


Firefly Hill said...

That is right up our alley! We would have totally loved that. Did you happen to notice how clean that cow is? Wow the white parts are really white--beautiful! And the cute but they climb! On cars! We are happy with our little mini donkey...she is a love.

Thanks for sharing this!


hayseed said...

Yes, those cows sparkled! I think they wash, groom and even vacuum them before things like this. Would love to hear about your donkey (would you/have you done any posts about him/her)

ladyfi said...

I love this kind of day out! And how did those pigs manage to be so clean?

hayseed said...

Someone must have scrubbed them clean, I would have tried to smuggle one or two out, but for the squealing!

viera said...

It looks like GREAT fun.
You inspired me to go out and explore countryside.

Cheryl said...

Those baby chicks were a bargain! Would love to get some of those. Enjoy your blog!