Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You too can look like Cleopatra

One day, 'Charlie' the bee man knocked on our door and asked if it would be o.k. with us if he kept bees on our property.  In exchange for this, we would get some honey.  

"How much honey?' we asked

"Well, the going rate's fifteen pounds".

Hmmmmm....fifteen pounds of honey (per annum) for doing nothing.  It took us about fifteen seconds to agree to this "sweet deal", and we have been enjoying pure, delicious honey ever since.  It gets delivered to us just before Christmas in a big container, and even though I jar it up for friends and family, we always have too much.  This year I realized that I still have honey left over from three years ago.  The stuff had gotten all thick and caramelized, and though it was still probably fine to eat, I thought I would make like Cleopatra, and use it on my face.

Everyone knows that Cleopatra was famous for her marvellous complexion, and bathed daily with milk and honey.   Anyway, my honey 'scrub' worked wonderfully well and smelled heavenly too.  It turns out honey is full of minerals and vitamins which nourish skin , it is a natural anti-inflammatory and can promote the healing of cuts.   And you can also eat it on toast.

This delicious and magical (yes, magical, it's made by bees after all) substance can also make us look like a Queen of the Nile.

If you haven't done so before, go and  give yourself a honey facial.  Your skin will feel baby soft, and you might even end up looking like Cleo herself.

That's her image on the coin on the right (the Dude on the left is Antony)  Isn't she.....lovely?


Heidi the Hick said...

That sounds heavenly. And the last line is hilarious!

Just have to comment on your shoes and socks too. I totally miss that about country life. You should see me when I'm at the farm. I wear stuff I'd never wear to town. But living in town! Well I still don't look all that glamorous.

Maybe if I put honey on my face....

Firefly Hill said...

Lucky you to receive all that honey! Yes she is uh... well ...
lovely. Yes she is.

ladyfi said...

I just love honey - eat it on toast every day!

have tried it on my face (but don't eat this honey, just wash it off afterwards!) - very sticky, but left my skin feeling great!

coffeypot said...

I tried a honey facial, but as soon as I walked outdoors I was attacked the flies and ants. My face was black and moving with all the creatures. I guess you have to wash the stuff off before going outside, huh.