Monday, September 8, 2008

last hurrah

We seem to be in that transitional time between summer's end and fall's beginning.  The weather is mild and quite beautiful-interesting -changeable.  The garden is breathing its last gasp, I mean, giving forth a final offering.  I'm not much of a gardener, and am always deeply grateful to any perennials that return in the spring.  I did all of the plantings around the house myself, without a plan other than what looked appealing at the garden centre, and what my aunt K. gave me from her garden.  I like to think of the resulting jumble as 'english-cottagey' (on a good day).  I still have a bit of colour happening, although some of the plants were quite leggy because of all the rain we had, and between benign neglect, and being sat on by two large dogs, they are looking well,.....veklempt.
Thought I'd share some images of the few remaining goodies:

Cosmos, I appreciate you!

Hey, Delphinium,  thanks for coming back one last time!

Lily, hang in there and thanks !

You all converse with your flowers, right? right?


casa bianca said...

Hi Hayseed,
You were the first to comment on my blog, thanks so much. You have a beautiful garden and it looks like we like the same flowers. I recently hosted two guys from Quebec for the World Youth Day. They brought with them an enormous maple leaf bottle of syrup. Canadians are very like Australians, big personalities who are easy to please.
Thanks again

reluctantfarmchik said...

You have gorgeous things hanging on in your garden! Your blog is beautiful, and through your writing I sense the atmosphere of serenity. A nice reprieve! Thanks for stopping by my cooking kitchen!