Monday, September 29, 2008

walking to the store to buy eggs

On Saturday my daughter and I took a walk to the small convenience store in the neighbouring village to buy eggs.  It really is a small village, and if you blink while driving by, you've missed it.  Instead of walking along the two-lane highway in front of our place, we decided to go the back way, through the fields.

I think this is a Kentucky Coffee tree, one of the trees native to the Carolinian forest which runs through our part of the world.  They're very resilient and grow quickly.  Once you've walked through our field, and the neighbour's field (yes, we're trespassing, but only for a few minutes)  
you reach a small one-lane gravel road.  It's very picturesque but you can't see it because I deleted it by mistake while editing this post.  Don't worry, we'll revisit it later.

We saw some lovely wildflowers and gorgeous fall foliage.  Before you think this is all sunshine and flowers, we also heard quite a few gunshots, I guess it's goose or deer or duck hunting time (I don't know, we don't hunt).  That always has the effect of hurrying me along on a country walk , especially when I'm not wearing bright colours.  In our hurry, we sort of fell into a ditch.  You see, the grass was really tall, and we didn't know there was a ditch under it.  It was dry though,  and the grass cushioned our fall.
We (and the eggs) made it home in one piece.


Firefly Hill said...

Just beautiful...glad you made it home with the eggs! What did you make? We dont hunt either and I dread hearing the gunshots!


hayseed said...

She was making egg-white frosting for a chocolate cake to take to her Grandma's for dinner (yay delegating works- and she's a good little baker)

Farmchick said...

Just out blog hopping and I found my way here! I enjoyed reading your blog. Stop over and visit me sometime. Have a great evening.