Tuesday, December 30, 2008

winter wind

We have been at the receiving end of some dramatically windy and strange weather.  As a result of this, our internet and phones were knocked out and we also lost power for most of a day.   Such a dramatic finale to all of the Christmas chaos.  Those winds felt kind of cleansing, in a way.  There was, after all, a little too much of this:

And quite a bit of this:

Some of us were able to seize the day and take advantage of winter, before the downpours melted all of the snow away.

Too bad there isn't snow right now, as it does provide a welcome diversion for the kids out of school.  Yesterday afternoon was almost spring-like, with its gentle breezes and lingering sunset.

Not to worry, though, I'm sure we'll be walloped several times over with winter before the season's through.  

As for our outdoor (stray)  kitty:

She has gradually made her way into our house (and our hearts).  I'm taking her to the vet this afternoon.  But come spring, I'm totally kicking her outside...(maybe).


Tami said...

Ahhhh the glorious Bundt!Every time I see one it reminds me of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'.

Good Pixs!

LadyFi said...

Totally kicking the kitty outside!! Right! ;-)

Love that little snowbaby - so cute! Lots of cold weather and ice on the lake here.. finally!

DVM's Wife said...

I'm so glad you are keeping the kitty cat. Hope her vet visit goes well. Maybe at least she will be an indoor/outdoor kitty come spring?
I agree this weather has been something else. More to come I hear.

Sarah S said...

I don't believe you. how could you kick that cutie out? Does she have a name?

Heidi the Hick said...

She reeeeally looks happy now!!

We were driving across the border in that windy weather. In a great big GMC Savannah van. I'm so glad I wasn't driving, man!

Pony Girl said...

That kitten is really adorable! She is lucky to have found you! ;-)
The weather is wacky around these parts, too! I've about had it! I've never wanted spring to get here faster!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Glad to see that you managed to "make do" during the power outage.

You can not know how my heart sings when I see that lucky little kitten sleeping on your bed. There are so many stories about them being abandoned lately.
It is hard to bear.

What a absolute cutie!


Claudia's thoughts said...

What a beautifl cat, althought she looks young. I know a few people who got their cats that way, the show up, you feed the, and they are yours.

I got mine at the shelter. Never had one show up thought