Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the piano room

We have a small room off the dining room which we call the piano room (because, well, the piano resides there, and not much else- a small desk and a few chairs).  This room gets the morning sun, and a vine grows over the window in the summer.  As a result of this, I haven't cleaned the window in a while, because one can't disturb a vine which is growing so vigorously. It would just be wrong.

The room is painted a yellowish-green, and I've hung some leaf plates above the piano.  The piano itself is very old and made of walnut, I think.  It's also out of tune, because the last piano tuner who worked on it, made some rather insulting comments about it (i.e.  something along the lines of  'this reminds me of a model T Ford')  and I suppose I'm still smarting from that. The sound which emanates from this vintage instrument has a saloon-ish quality about it.   This used to be considered by my children to be an instrument of torture, but I can safely say that after about 11 years or so, they are starting to enjoy it.  

As with any surface, things tend to accumulate there over time; a bust of a little french girl, some photos, plates,  plastic music trophies.  Dust.

Music adds to the ambiance of a home, don't you think?  Especially live music.  Especially the theme from the Super Mario Video game.  We're all about culture around here.


LadyFi said...

Oh yes - we're also about live music in the form of Mario and Link tunes!

Love the old piano and leaf plates and that bust .. but why has she got a noose around her neck?

Firefly Hill said...

I love your old piano...we have an old model T piano too and I think those are the best kind. Everything at your house looks just lovely...

Mama Hen said...

I found your blog thru your comment with CDW. I love your piano room. I'll be back to visit.

bekah said...

I SO want to come and walk around your house, your pictures are all so beautiful and creative.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yes! Piano!!

Ours is from 1919 and came out of our church basement. It's awesome that you put up a picture. I'm planning to blog mine too. you know, after I dust it. sooo... one of these days...

Ours isn't in the best shape either after having twenty years of kids bashing it. I choose to call that "character" but some teak oil does wonders.

And the saloon sound is accurate! We can hear all the hammers echoing around in there. I love it. Jethro has a fairly new Yamaha grand at the studio and there's no comparison. That one sounds perfect. But. It's not cool! ha!

I'll try to find a tuner who isn't a piano snob. Our guy is wonderful but he's from Markham. He'll come up here but he does ours plus two neighbours at the same time to make it worthwhile.

(shoot me an email and let me know where you are and maybe I can find someone. We have a few contacts!)

I really seriously love your house!!!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I adore your window shots. That beautiful glass with the light steaming through. Ahhhhh