Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Ollie goes to college

Ah, they do grow up quickly, don't they? It seems only yesterday that our 'new' horse Sadie gifted us with this gorgeous little critter. We did not know she was pregnant at the time we bought her, and the vendor did not tell us. This is a photo of Sadie and her baby Ollie, just a short time after his birth. Since I knew nothing 'bout birthin' baby horses, I ordered foaling manuals and consulted experienced horse owners about what to expect when youre expecting a foal. What did happen was that on a beautiful May evening Sadie took matters into her own hands (hooves) and did everything herself. I'd barely even cracked open the foaling manual when my husband, early in the morning said there was a 'surprise' in the field:

What a goregeous little fellow he was.

Soon Ollie was out and about (literally, he was quite an escape artist when it came to fences) and delighted everyone with his antics and ciuriosity. Joe, our older gelding (male horse) was an excellent babysitter and playmate. Momma, after all, was a bit tired with all the nursing and supervision (It's a full time job ).

Ollie was taken away for a month, in order to be weaned and gelded . He was a little stallion, after all, and starting to cause no end of trouble. He returned to the farm (and the happy little family was reunited). Our trainer and helper, Ed, has made some wonderful progress with him, and we have decided to further his education by sending him to 'school' five minutes down the road to my father-in-law's barn, where he will get daily attention from Ed, who is really relishing this task (he's even talking of riding him, he's a spry young 74). My husband rode Ollie on Saturday. He is getting the idea of forward motion and cues for walking and stopping. He leads beautifully.
The only thing is, I have a case of 'empty nest' syndrome in the pasture. Sadie and Joe look somewhat forlorn (or maybe I'm imagining it). Either way, they will be getting extra grooming, treats and extensive hugs from me.
Ollie will be back in the spring (and I've explained it to Sadie and Joe) hopefully a more mature and better behaved horse. I'll keep you posted on his training progress and new digs (I'll be visiting him-for treats and hugs).

This (horse) parenting stuff, it's not easy, I tell ya!


ladyfi said...

No kind of parenting is easy, I tell ya - whether it's horses, dogs or kids.

I love those photos - isn't Ollie just the sweetest thing ever?

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

He is so cute, what a great surprise!

My sister, Turf Toter, rescued a Donkey from a petting Zoo. She kept complaining that the donkey was being fed too many carrots and was getting fat. Until one day, they were surprised with a baby donkey. LOL


P said...


Firefly Hill said...

Oh he is so cute! I bet the other guys do miss him...they get so attached. Thanks for sharing the adorable photos...

Sarah S said...

I am enjoying your blog for the first time. How did I miss it?

I just love it!