Wednesday, November 5, 2008

warm weather walk

November is the month of greys and browns.  It's usually quite cold, and so if you're out on a walk, you hurry along, thinking all the while about that hot cup of coffee, of tea or steaming bowl of soup (at least I do, but I think about food all day) that will be waiting for you at home.  

I had a few stolen moments yesterday, so I walked the little trail along the river in the neighbouring town.  And because it was so warm, I was able to just enjoy all the beauty November provides, instead of fixating on a hot drink.

On a colder day, I wouldn't have noticed this little seed pod.

Or this fuzzy guy.

When your camera lens is dirty, you can get some neat light effects.

I think I enjoyed this excursion that much more, because I hear we're in for some soup weather just around the corner.

It was nice while it lasted.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Gorgeous photos, and a really wonderful and interesting post. Very cold? Euuuuwww. We are only getting rain and more rain, forever, until a week in July. And then it is summer for a month. Sigh.....


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh and I noticed that you are blogger also. May I ask, how did you get the lettering on the header. Being confined to what blogger offers is excruitiating!!!


LadyFi said...

I love that last photo! Sounds like you had a great time...

We had about minus 5 C this morning - frosty! Cold weather makes me want to fixate on hot drinks (and sometimes the toilet... if really cold!)

Firefly Hill said...

I love all your pictures lately. I also love reading about your morning routine. I have a similar one...just swap out the dogs for several cats! Regarding our new president elect...I watched his speech live and cried. I am so happy that he won...I am happy for our country and especially all of the African American people. They have waited a long time for this and they truly deserve it. He has a tough road ahead...if anyone can improve things, he can. It certainly cannot get too much worse!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Thanks for the reply about picnic, I did resize the photo. But how did you get different text on it?


Oh, BTW, we have the exact same cast iron crow as your flickr photos. It sits on the end table beside the hubby. And I got him crow tea towels. He loves both.

viera said...

Your photos are always so lovely. You have a great eye for the detail. Very good.
Have a wonderful weekend.