Friday, November 21, 2008

tea wisdom

"You're not thinking of making me go outside, are you?"

 With the advent of the cold weather, Scout has claimed his spot on the rag rug in the mudroom.  He takes every opportunity he can to barge in, throw himself down, and promptly fall into a  deep snoring sleep.  If he's awake on his rug, he sinks into the floor, and avoids eye contact as if he's thinking, "they probably can't see me if I try to make myself really small".  And for a hundred pound dog, that's quite a feat.  

We all have our winter rituals, things we turn to, to bring a little warmth into our lives.  One of mine is drinking endless cups of tea.  I was inspired by fellow blogger Ladi Fi to try a kind that is new to me: Yogi tea.

I happened upon it at a health food store on a trip to the city, but they didn't have the kind she had written about (chili spice I think).  Anyway, Long story short, I tried it and promptly floated away on a cloud of bliss.  Seriously.  It's that good.  It's spicy, flavourful and warming. Black pepper is one of the ingredients, so it has a nice little kick to it.

And look!  attached to the tea-bag are some words of wisdom:

So you can meditate and ponder while floating in your cloud of gingery warmth.  Try it.  (But only if you want to).  :)


LadyFi said...

Hi there! Another convert to the Yogi tea bliss! Wonderful! And that ginger tea looks absolutely delicious!


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I had just bought the yogi green tea. Somehow I missed the words of wisdom. Must run and make myself a cup now.

I can't blame Scout for wanting to hide from the weather.


Firefly Hill said...

Scout is lovely...I "heart" his flopped over ear!

The tea sounds heavenly...I should drink more tea.

viera said...

thanks so much for your message. Yes we are OK now I just hope no more bad storms
Have a great weekend

DysdHousewife said...

I love tea in the winter! there's just something so magical about a steaming cup of herbal tea in the morning when it's cold... Ahhhh...

P said...

Your blog is like an instant dose of Prozac. I swear, I feel calmer.