Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Instant Relatives

These photos could have been so much better with natural light, but I took them in the afternoon when things get (agh!) dark early on.  I obviously need to bone up on how to take good photos using a flash.  Oh well, baby steps.

It's my preference to have original artwork around the house, rather than reproductions.  Most of the paintings we have are original, most of them are old,  and most of them (actually all) are by little-known, or unknown artists.  (And most of them were a real bargoon).
I do like modern art as well, but this old place tells you what it likes and wants.  No, really, it's true.  I once tried to paint the front hallway a pale yellow, and you should have seen it!  It looked all confused and unhappy.  It cringed.  After I painted it a non-descript greyish-putty colour, it took a deep breath and smiled.  It's all about keeping the house content.

So anyway, meet my instant relatives!  Instant relatives are people whose portraits were painted once upon a time, then one hundred years or so later, these same paintings ended up hanging in some out of the way antique store, or leaning against the floor in a corner of the flea market.  When you purchase one of these portraits and drag it home,  you get the dubious honour of pretending that these are your relatives, and you also get to name them.  Really. This is Georgie.  He lives in the dining room.  He seems a little  vain and self-centred.   I don't think I would have liked Georgie too much, had I met him in person.  The (somewhat) formal dining room seems like the perfect place for him.

This next painting is of my fake uncle Nestor.  He's actually my favourite.  He seems like he was a nice and jolly person, and he has kind eyes.  He gets to live in the hallway, where we can see him every day.

Isn't there something kind of gentle about him?

This last fake relative hasn't been named yet.  I'm not so sure what to think of her.

This painting is actually signed, and the artist was Irish (I looked it up).  I wonder what her story was (someone's wife? A widow? A spinster? )  What do you think?  How about a name?  I keep thinking something starting with 'A'...Arabella?  Aurelia?

Help me out here, folks, it's just not right to leave one's fake, instant relatives unnamed!


LadyFi said...

Love your instant relatives - what a great idea! Your last relative looks a bit surprised.. that's because she was born poor in Ireland, went onto be a governess in an noble English family and ended up marrying the son and living happily ever after with a brood of her own. On her marriage, she became Lady Arabella of Avon.

hayseed said...

Hah! that sounds perfect, thanks Lady Fi!

Firefly Hill said...

I love your instant relatives too! I thought she looked like Aunt Alice the spinster...but Lady Arabella sounds much nicer! Are you cold up there? It is getting pretty chilly here....

Crystal said...

Hi. I just ran across your blog today and am really enjoying it. So even though you don't know me, and even though it's a month later and she's probably already named, I'd like to add my two cents' worth:

I think she looks like an Anastasia.