Monday, November 17, 2008

all is well

I survived (and enjoyed) my 13-year old son's confirmation on Friday.  And because I tend to take things a little far sometimes, I ended up going over-board with the cleaning (I even finished painting my kitchen floor, which I had been meaning to do for the longest time), and of course there was much too much food, but all in all it was a lovely event.  All is well.

My kids laid claim to my computer over the weekend, and between assignments, games and watching of movies (and other high-priority items), I couldn't seem to get near it.  I will be getting back to my regular routine of spending time with my horses and dogs, and taking photos, all the while letting the cobwebs re-establish themselves.  It's as it should be, really.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Glad to hear that all went smoothly. Wonderful to hear that you had a chance to enjoy living in the moment.

Great shot of the glassware, and the flowers, it is a lovely arangement, I adore pears, and white flowers.


bekah said...

I am loving that candle holder/globe thingie in the window! it is so pretty and graceful! Im glad all went well with the confirmation

Firefly Hill said...

Glad to read that it all went well. I love the window scene with the candles and flowers...very pretty. I especially love the little footed bowl with the flower.

Lady Fi said...

What a gorgeous arrangement in the window!

And please.. don't let cleanliness come between you and your blogging again! ;-)