Monday, November 10, 2008

the song that never ends

My 13-year old son is having his confirmation on Friday.  This is all fine and lovely and meaningful.  However.  This also means I have to throw a bit of a shindig.  Which means I have to organize and prepare food and drink and flowers.  Which means I have to get the house in order.  Which means I have to clean and vacuum and dust.  Which means I have to attack the dusty chandeliers I have neglected all summer.  My husband has taken the step-ladder.  Which means I have to get a stool.  And several phone books.  And try to balance on them, in order to reach the lights.

Housework is the absolute BANE of my existence.  In fact,  I'm pretty confident that in purgatory, that's what they make you do.  That, and painting endless rooms and woodwork. With smelly oil paint.

But I digress.  I should actually be looking forward to a family gathering to celebrate my son's special day.  Unfortunately, I'm not a big entertaining-type person.  I always seem to get into a huge flap.  The proverbial headless chicken, running around, squawking....But still, look at all those darned crystals.....

Before I get back to my endless list of menial , fussy, neverending, unrewarding tasks, tell me, do you enjoy throwing parties, or would you rather just sit in a comfy corner with your nose buried in a book and a do not disturb sign glued to your forehead (like,


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love the idea of a party. But having only 800 square feet makes it pretty hard to entertain. Good Excuse right? Well one time we had 16 people in our little living room, all 400 square feet of it.

I think after the party is one of the best times.

Enjoy your special day, hope that all goes well.

LadyFi said...

I enjoy parties if they don't go on to late and if I don't have to organize them or have them at our house.

This summer my daughter turned 7 and we had 8 kids and 7 adults... The adults had to picnick on the floor in the living room as our kitchen isn't that big... and Oh -the noise! It was pouring it down with tropical abandon so we were stuck indoors. My ears hurt for days afterwards.

Stuck in a chair with a book sounds like my favourite activity!

Firefly Hill said...

I have to agree with you on the housework....absolutely hate it! As for entertaining...I am a nervous entertainer. I get stressed out and make my family miserable! I usually would rather not do it and hang out the do not disturb!

Good luck with the party and I hope you will share pics!