Tuesday, November 11, 2008

burning break

First of all, I just wanted to show you that I did not start a forest fire.  See how the wood pile is burning down nicely, and there's lots of ash and glowing embers?

So anyway, back to the beginning.  It's a cold and damp and grey November. I was stuck inside catching up on a monumental amount of housework.  I needed a break.  And what better way to snap out of today's monotony than to have a go at the burning pile outside.  There's not much wind, the ground is damp and we have a burning permit until new year's eve (just covering all the bases, kids, I'm Sally Safety after all).

The pile lit up nice and quickly, it was mostly old dead wood.  It's very cheery.  It smells nice, and is quite mesmerizing to watch.  Much more restorative than a tea break.  And it's also extremely satisfying to get rid of old dead wood piles.

We have a lot of bonfires outside in the winter. And oh, the most wonderful ones are during a thick and heavy snow.  The contrast between the cold and white and the fire is just wonderful.
You see, there's never a dull moment out here in the country.

Some of us with more delicate sensibilities also enjoy a nice fire.  But preferably one we can flick on with a switch.   

Enjoy your November!


LadyFi said...

Love the photos - oooo.. and the excitement of your life.

It's so grey and raw and grey and rainy that the only cheerful thing about November is a fire, a good book, a white cat or a red dog (in my case) and the family....

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

A fire would sound like a really wonderful and cosy thing to start, instead....
I will have to flick that switch.