Friday, January 23, 2009

a corner

This is a shot of a corner of our family room.  I took the photo this way because of the mess of video games and board games on the floor (which are supposed to be stored in the cupboard- but are generally not).  The framed vintage photograph is of a man and his horse and carriage.

Here's a closeup, you can see a bit of glare from the glass.  I love antiques, but I tend to stay away from old photographs.  They usually make me feel as if I am appropriating a bit of someone's history, and the subjects are usually sombre-having one's photograph taken was a serious, rare and probably expensive undertaking.  But this photo spoke to me.  It's of a young(ish) man and his horse and carriage.  Would this have been the equivalent of a young man and his first 'sports car'?  The horse is so strong and healthy looking, and the man so proud.  There's an energy to this photo.  I like it.  The setting is rural,  and quite idyllic (a frame house along a country laneway).  I like to think of this fellow as having a long and purpose-filled life.  Hopefully he wasn't some dissolute gambler or Lothario (I don't think so, he really looks quite proper.  He was probably boring, had a lisp and really sweaty hands!)

...but I digress-have yourselves a wonderful, long, and purpose-filled weekend!!!!


Firefly Hill said...

Oh I love that photo! Maybe he was a country doctor...?

Your home looks so lovely. I really like the white chair.


Maria said...

Just found your site.
Love this picture, but I'm solely drawn to the horse, his energy dominates the image, what a magnificent animal. Love that last sentence, I wish the same for you.

LadyFi said...

Love that shot of your corner and chair!

Have a great weekend!

Sarah S. said...

I love it too. Old photos are my favorites.

I really like the shot o the top too.