Thursday, April 2, 2009

spring break

Oh hi.  I seem to have inadvertently disconnected from the interwebs for quite a while now.  My only excuse is that my kids were home for March break and they commandeered my computer. This year we didn't travel anywhere, and instead took part in some championship lounging and relaxing, interrupted only by regular bouts of sleeping in (kids, not me).  It turns out that the official uniform of March break is pyjamas.

So really, you didn't miss anything.  Oh, except that I cooked quite a bit.  I even  made some chicken soup.  It was good. 

There was a great deal of greyness, rain and thawing/flooding.  Mud, mud, and more mud.

But today the sun is out and it's bright and drying things out nicely.  And signs of spring are popping up everywhere.



LadyFi said...

Welcome back! And finally - spring! Yippee!

Maria said...

so happy to see you pop up in my blog roll, ahh what I'd give for a week of sleeping in and wearing nothing but pajamas and the chicken soup does look like it was good, I must have missed my invite for dinner :)

Mary Olson said...

Hope you enjoyed the time with your kids. Nice to have you back.

Spruce Hill said...

Missed you, glad you had a great break!

Pony Girl said...

I love that you said the kids "commandeered your computer"! :) Yea for sun! We're all ready, eh?

Far Side of Fifty said...

Loving that little bloom at the end..there is hope after mud..good to know.. we still have snow:(