Sunday, February 8, 2009


We enjoyed some lovely, above-freezing temperatures this weekend.  There was a melowness in the air, a feeling of winter slightly loosening its grip, and granting us the favour of allowing some of the tired, dirty snow to melt.

It wasn't that urgent, rushing spring thaw, but something much slower.  A reprieve.

There's still quite a bit of snow left, but we've definitely turned a corner on this challenging season.  Oh, I know we're in for some major weather wallops before it ends, but it feels great to have most of it behind us.

And by the way, look who's back!

Since our wonderful Ed is gone, there wasn't much point in keeping Ollie at the in-laws', so my husband brought him home.  He loaded very well into the trailer.  Unfortunately the driveway was very icy, so he had to park truck and trailer on the side of the road, unload this lively fellow while there was a break in traffic, and lead him (slip-sliding) down the icy driveway.  I had enough of a hard time just getting myself down the driveway, so that was quite a feat.  

And imagine, if you can, a sweet reunion of a little horse family.  It was the bright spot in my weekend.

The time away has done Ollie a lot of good.  He seems to have matured and has benefitted from daily handling.  He' still just a giant baby, though.  Welcome home sweet (and troublemaking) Ollie!


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

Always so nice to have family together...even when you KNOW it's going to lead to drama.

Best of luck to you and Ollie enjoying spring sometime soon.

Firefly Hill said...

We are feeling the warmer temps too and almost all the snow is gone!

Welcome home Ollie!

Maria said...

Love this post, beautiful and sweet photos, welcome home Ollie, I must go back & catch up with you from your beginning to know more about the farm
Thanks for your visit & your comment, it was re-affirming, I am also up & down with mindfulness, I think of it as being as complex and simple as breathing itself

LadyFi said...

Ah - we're in for a spot of drama then with Ollie...

Love the wintry photos! It doesn't feel as if winter is letting go yet over here though!

b&g girl said...

some people feel February is a blah month, but i feel its the home stretch month, only 28 days then March, home free! winter makes spring that much sweeter!

Pony Girl said...

Your photos of a thawing winter are just lovely!
Ollie looks so glad to be home munching on hay with his fuzzy pony friends! ;)

Jeanine said...

Are your horse haflingers? I LOVE your pics of the island, I have always wanted to own my own island. Loved the pics that looked out over the chairs to the lake outside, what a view