Monday, May 11, 2009

Heat something that has been sorely lacking here these last few days.  Cold and rain has been the order of the day.

The pansies can handle it, and it hasn't stopped the apple blossoms .

Full-out blooms, baby!! (too bad the apples from that particular tree are tasteless and mealy). 

On a somewhat related topic, my horse Sadie is in heat!  I discovered this while letting her graze on our lawn while I held her on a line.  Joe, our old gelding (who was roaming freely) decided to mount her then and there! (well, he attempted to, anyway).  This was rather alarming on many levels.  First of all, I wasn't expecting it, and didn't want to be that close to that much 'action'.  Secondly, she normally doesn't give him the time of day.  I think she finds him too short, too boldly coloured and lacking in refinement.  He's clearly not her type.   Plus, the dude's a gelding.  

 Yesterday, though, she was basically stalking him, and giving him all kinds of signals and overtures, most of them none too subtle.  Poor Joe, there's only so much he can do.

Ah, spring in the country.  Bursting with life.  And heat.


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

Your life is so different from my own. I love coming here and reading your stories, and noticing the things in life that you point out for me.

Thank you.

LadyFi said...

What a funny and lovely post. Hope you get some sun soon.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Speaking of being in heat, no I am not having another hot flash.....LOL.

I am a Great Aunty? Cous Cous [the kitten I fell in love with at my sister's farm] had kittens, apparently if a cat is in heat, she will find a way to be a hussy, even in -30 degree weather, and 3 feet of snow.

So with the better weather no wonder your horse is feeling frisky.


Pony Girl said...

That is funny! My gelding was a stud for a few years before he was gelded, so he has some "learned behavior" (at least that is what the vet said) of getting a little excited around mares in heat. It's nothing bad, but I wouldn't want to turn him loose with one, not sure what he would do! ;)
Beautiful pictures of the blossoms!

b&g girl said...

great post! and love the 'contrary' pictures to the text... :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your photos are excellent, I certainly can't tell it was raining. We have rain here now, we really needed it!
Sadie just wanted a little action, sounds like maybe she was desperate too..and would settle for poor inferior Joe.. LOL:)

Firefly Hill said...

We have lots of that heat stuff going on here too! Both pony mare and little donkey are in heat...pony gelding doesnt know what to do! I have to keep the ponies apart though...she would kick him if he came too close.

Spruce Hill said...

Oh My! These things happen. Hope it warms up there soon!

C-ingspots said...

Beautiful pictures. We had the same sort of weather up until the last several days. Temps in the low 80's and gorgeous. Hang tight because the heat will be headed your way.
Spring is beautiful in so many ways!!