Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Some lilies from my garden.  They seem to thrive under my regimen of average soil and benign neglect.  The bugs don't like them, and they spread.  What's not to love?

Monday, July 27, 2009

wine route

On Saturday, my husband and I went for a drive in Niagara wine country , which is only about a half-hour from where we live.   This area has really come into its own in recent years, and now produces award-winning wines, known around the world.


The day was a rather soggy one, with intermittent rain showers (as per the weather we have been having of late).  We still enjoyed driving through the vineyards with their waving, symmetrical rows of grapes, so beautifully tended.

There were so many wineries, we didn't know which one to pick for a tasting, but we happened upon this lovely barn, which turned out to be part of the Hidden Bench winery in Beamsville.  I would love a barn like this.  So would my horses.

The moment we stepped out of the car, the heavens smiled, the sun came out,  and we were able to enjoy the winery's vineyards, and product (of course).

I love the simple architecture of the wineries, many of which are based on barns, with natural rough-hewn timber, and stone.

It was absolutely quiet there.  I'm sure that makes for superior grapes.  I know I do a lot better in a quiet environment.  You could almost hear them growing.

We brought some of the wine home to enjoy, but while it tasted quite lovely (and miles above the usual plonk I serve), it wasn't quite the same as sampling it at the winery, steps away from its terroir.

There, on the hidden bench of the Niagara escarpment, it tasted grand.  

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Or is it?...... This long-awaited season has made its appearance in the form of atmospheric skies, low-hanging clouds, and rain.

And while the trees and plants are rather lush, optimal growth, as it turns out requires huge amounts of sunshine.

I really do appreciate the fact that this is perfect strolling weather, where a girl can gaze upon all of the lovely lush and luxuriant growth (while not even breaking a sweat)....

But all the while I can't help craving those hot, humid, unforgiving days, the days when you can really unfold and unclench whatever it was that collapsed in on itself during that endless winter.  I want to complain, and whine and fan myself, while saying the words spoken since time immemorial:  "hot enough for ya?".......and the always popular "I'm just no good in this heat".

Please, Ma nature, there's still time.  Just go for it!

P.S.  I seem to have no blogging manners, since I tend to fall off the face of this blog on a regular basis, without explanations.  All is well, just another uneventful summer,....except for the blackberries.  Those were good this year.  And I got a canoe.  Other than that, same old,....thanks for asking.  Will try to be more regular.